Complaints Procedure

What warrants a complaint?

  • If you believe a contract has been incorrectly sold.
  • You have not signed any contracts yet one has been raised and locked in by AMX Energy Services Limited.
  • An issue has been ongoing for several weeks with no update / resolution. I.e you require a new billing address and nothing has been sorted.

What is our complaints procedure?

  • Register your complaint with us by phone, email or letter. The details of how to report this is in the bottom of the form
  • Your complaint will be investigated by a director and they will respond to you within two working days. They will try to resolve it, where possible within 5 working days.
  • For more complex issues that may take longer to resolve, you will be given updates with expected dates for response throughout our investigation.
  • The director dealing with the complaint will contact you by phone and confirm the response / proposed solution in writing.
  • If you are unhappy with the outcome, then you may wish to appeal. To do this, simply write to us and request for the matter to be re-evaluated. Please state the reasons of your appeal.


All complaints are handled in the most professional of manner. Each complaint is treat extremely important. Not only do we hope to ensure our clients are happy with their current services but we will use any complaints as ways to improve as a company further.

We will explore all avenues and depending on the outcome of your complaint, the relevant remediation will be applied (for example a written apology, a deduction off a future contract). We have an open dialogue so we will aim to come to a solution all parties are happy to continue with.

Any complaints issued do not come at a cost to the business issuing the grievance.

If we are unsuccessful in remedying any complaints, we will update you at the soonest time possible. We would advise if you do not receive any update from AMX Energy Services Limited after 8 weeks of making your initial complaints, you are free to reach out to the Ombudsman Services. Any advice is impartial and free for you to use. You can reach them via the link below:

Our Process | Ombudsman Services (


Please register any complaints to AMX Energy Services Limited on the below contact info:

Address all complaints to: Adam Brown (Director)

Phone: 01912509898


In writing:  AMX Energy Services Limited – bt unit 26/29, Newburn Industrial Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 9RT