AMX Energy Services

Why AMX?

We offer an all in one services for any energy demands you may have. From contracts to solar to heating systems, we aim to assist where possible. We understand all companies have different goals. Whether your desire is to reduce your carbon footprint, save money or both, we have solutions.

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Our Services

At AMX it’s not just about procuring better deals for our clients, we offer a wide range of energy services that can help further reduce costs, ensure compliance, claim money back and more. Together we can help build a better future, for your business and the planet.

AMX Procurement

upload a bill

Send us a recent gas or electricity bill

We require an invoice in order to know what we’re working with. Meter numbers, consumptions and contract end dates are vital to get an accurate overview of your accounts.

AMX will review to identify potential savings

The type of things we look for is your contract end date, if you have any extra charges on your bill or if you are using less, or exceeding your KVA allowance as well as many other factors.

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You'll receive a full breakdown of savings and renewal rates

Once our advisors have reviewed your accounts, they will present you with a full breakdown of what you can do to reduce your energy spend and save on your renewal.