Solar Power

With electricity prices continually rising and companies being conscious of their carbon output. Solar is among the best options to tackle both of these issues.


How Solar can help your business

For many organisations, the answer to improving energy performance and reducing reliance on the grid is Solar. This renewable on-site energy source can help you take control of your operating costs while reducing your carbon footprint .With a Solar photovoltaic (PV) solution, you can harvest energy from the sun, generate renewable electricity, and reduce your reliance on the grid. Further enhance operational resilience by pairing Solar with energy storage solutions that store excess electricity for later use, during grid failures or to lower energy costs during peak price time


Each job is bespoke to your company however the average return on investment is 3 years (if purchased as part of your capex). Systems have twenty five year manufacturer’s performance guarantee meaning an array has potential to save you many thousands and possibly millions, over the life span of the system.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is ideal for businesses who don’t have the capacity for an initial capital outlay however want to take advantage of the cash and carbon benefit. The Solar system is owned, operated and maintained by the supplier and you simply purchase the low costing generated energy from the supplier. The rate at which you purchase this energy from the provider is less than half any current contract prices